Friday, October 6, 2017

Black Cats and Pumpkins

As many as you know, I love Halloween. I love the cooler days and crisp nights, the changing of the leaves and pumpkin spice everything! It's time to pull out some of my favorite projects and put them on display. All of these cute patterns can be found in my Etsy shop, website or on Craftsy.
I enjoy putting this table runner featuring a black cat
waiting for the Trick or Treaters... (I love the tiger striped pumpkins I found at the market last week!)

 I made a cute wall hanging featuring an adorable
black cat peeking out of a Jack o Lantern.... I'm

in love with the striped binding!

Out of some of my scraps I made this
wonky pumpkin coaster, or mug rug. I used
different sized buttons to add to the wonky-ness.
To make this wonky little pumpkin, I started out with a 6" square of orange fabric. Then I did a flip and sew with black fabric to make the 'corners'. I didn't pay attention to keeping it even, this adds to the wonky shape! I used heat n bond light and yellow fabric for the pumpkin's smile and nose. For his goofy little eyes I used two mismatched yellow buttons. A yo-yo embellishes his head for the stem. I used a 6" square of black fabric for the backing, and a piece of scrap batting. I had just enough left over binding for my mini coaster. It's a fun quick and easy project that uses up those little bits you may have left over from you fall, Halloween projects!

Halloween isn't complete without Witchy Poo's Shoe....

Thank you for visiting. Now.... it's been a long time since I've done a giveaway!  Leave me a sweet comment, become a follower, etc for chances to win a PDF copy of my 'Witchy Poo's Shoe' applique pattern. Make sure you get your email address to me if you are a no-reply blogger etc. or I won't be able to contact you if you won! Belvedere and I will pick 3 winners on October 15th.
Update- Winners have been choosen! Congratulations to Ellee, Joolz and Pauline!
Happy quilting,

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packaged patterns, kits and samples are on sale...

Saturday, September 30, 2017

October's Block!

It's hard to believe that October has arrived! The leaves are turning, pumpkin spice can be found everywhere! It's my favorite time of year. The stores are displaying mums for sale, love the bright colors. With the arrival of fall we are reminded that the holiday season is just around the corner! Yes, I mean Thanksgiving and Christmas! My last block celebrates all of the holidays that we spent with my grandparents. Growing up, we lived miles away from our grandparents. I mean many, many miles. No matter how far away we were, grandma and grandpa would pack up their car and make sure they were with us for the holidays! (and many trips were also made by my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Steve too) They made trips to Texas and New York from North Dakota, always by car. I don't know how they got everything packed into their car, but it was always full of Christmas gifts! Several trips to the car to bring them in... Christmas gifts and baked goods...  Mom and dad would have a houseful at holiday time. It was always so much fun and we loved their visits! So this month's block, the final block celebrates all of the trips they took to see us and that we took to see them!
Christmas many years ago...
There were three santas that year putting together a Wonder Horse!

Now onto this months design! I have one block for you to complete, this is the last block for the quilt. It is probably my favorite (although, they all are my favorites!) it's grandma and grandpa's car all packed for the holidays! 
This month's design will be put on the background white/cream fabric on point.

Find the center of your 12 1/2" square...
Trace the shapes onto your heat n bond, then iron them onto the fabric. Cut them out then lay your fabric pieces onto your fabric... some of the pieces will overlap. Iron in place.

Machine applique using a small button hole stitch. I used black thread.
~ Holiday Car ~

Remember you can embroider the design if you are not a fan of machine applique.

Patterns can be found on the Quilt Doodle website and on Craftsy (Not until the 1st of the month). Did you miss a pattern along the way? The past monthly patterns can be found in my Etsy and Craftsy shops for a small fee.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Holiday Car.

With all of this talk about trips.... I'm pretty excited, I have an all girls trip with my mom and sisters all planned! It was mom's birthday gift from my sisters and I. We are so excited to go to Branson, our tickets are bought for some fun shows, hotel is reserved, we made special t-shirts to wear. I'm hoping to find a quilt shop or two. I've gotta go and pack my suitcase. I'm looking forward to lots of laughs and fun with the women I love most. I Hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

          Let’s have some quilty fun!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Taming your UFO Pile

Who doesn't have a pile of UFO's in their sewing rooms. I visited a lovely group of quilters a few weeks ago and they presented this lovely idea of how to tame your UFO pile during their meeting. I had never heard of the idea and I absolutely loved it! So here's what you need to do... Print up the handy dandy UFO sheet I have made for you. (It can be found on my website under my Quilting Fun Tab on the Quilt Doodle Website. (Click on the 'My List of UFO's' next to the UFO graphic and then you can print off your UFO sheet to fill in.)  This is a great project to do with your quilting girl friends or with your guild!  To make it extra fun, bring it to a quilt retreat or gather you friends for coffee. Fill in each line with a UFO you would like to tackle. (If you don't have enough UFO's to fill in the spaces, add a few projects you'd like to do.) Now after you've filled in the six spots.... pull out a dice and roll.  I rolled a 3... lucky number 3, so my goal is to finish my Confetti Quilt this month. I'm thrilled with this roll since I've only got a border to put on this quilt and then quilt it. It's a 'easy' roll.  Now my list has some 'huge' projects. I already know I won't be able to finish let's say my Dear Jane Quilt, but this method will block in time for me to focus on this project which will ultimately help me complete it. 
Doesn't this seem like an awesome idea! Wanna join me? Print up your sheet and work on your #3 item... have some fun... I'll check back in with everyone in a couple weeks and roll the dice again. Hopefully I will have a Confetti Quilt to show you too! Leave me a comment on what UFO you will be working on!

Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Happy Haunting!

The leaves are starting to fall at my house. It's an added reminder that autumn is here and before I know it, Halloween will be too! I love decorating for this spooky season. One of my favorite things to put out is my Happy Haunting mini quilt. It features a haunted house with a ghost and of coarse a few bats flying around. Imagine the little ghouls and goblins that go trick or treating here! I enjoy to embroider and this was a fun project to work on in front of the TV. This pattern also features a no-waste flying geese border... it's not a new technique, and I certainly can't take credit for it. But it sure makes tiny flying geese blocks easy and accurate to do! For my mini quilt I used 3 fat quarters from Thimbleberries to do my block. But any small print Halloween or fall fabric will work nicely.

Here's how I put my mini quilt together!
I began by cutting 32  ~  1  7/8" black squares and 8 ~ 3  1/4" orange squares

Lay two black squares on one orange square right sides together and draw a diagonal line from corner to corner, you will sew a 1/4" scant seam on each side of the diagonal line.  (I have the diagonal marked here)

Sewing on the lines....

Then cut apart....

Iron... to the dark side....

Then lay a black square on your triangle section, again mark 1/4" seam on each side of the diagonal.

I have a stack of them to do to make a border!

Sew on the 1/4" seam line....

Cut apart....

iron... iron to the dark side....this will make 1" x 2" flying geese (1  1/2" x 2  1/2")

Then I trim my embroidery piece down ....

8 flying geese blocks will form the border on each side....

I fussy cut the corner blocks for the border.

Border is all pieced and the block is now ready to quilt.
All quilted
Sewing on the binding....
It's time to welcome the Trick or Treaters!!!

There's still time to put this fun mini quilt together for this Halloween. The pattern can be found in my Etsy shop either as a packaged pattern or an instant PDF download. Let's get our homes ready for the spooky season! I can just smell the pumpkin spice lattes and hot cider in the air. I love fall!

Happy Halloween!

PDF instant downloadable patterns are on sale in my Etsy shop thru the end of the month. No coupon code needed!!! An early treat for you!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First Day of School, BOM Update too!

Today was the first day of school and as I sat outside this morning drinking my coffee watching my dogs putter around the yard, I felt a new sense of liberation. As the school bus drove by I felt justified in my decision to quit my Media Clerk job at school last year to design full time. I'm truly at peace with it and am loving my new role. I still get up at the crack of dawn and have my coffee, I still put in long 'work' days... but guess what... I'm loving it. I smile more, I sleep better and I'm taking time to enjoy the little things. I am very fortunate to be able to chase my passion, quilting and share it with all of you. While enjoying my coffee it occurred to me that not everyone may be caught up with their Quilt Doodle BOM 2017. With this on my mind I thought it might be helpful if I put together a list of what should be done so far. That way if you need to fill in a 'gap' you know what you are looking for and missing. Sorta like a school supply list!

January - Supply List, Dresden Blocks Cat and Pig
February - Dresden Blocks Dog and Chicken
March- Dresden Blocks Washday (clothesline) and Pie
April - Dresden Blocks Mixing Bowl and Purple Cow
May - Dresden Blocks Angel Food Cake and Lilacs
June - Dresden Blocks Butterfly and Lucky the Pony
July - Blocks set on Point, Sewing Machine and Little House
August - Blocks set on Point, Canning Jar and Tractor
September - Block set on Point (only one block this month) Watering Can
October - Block set on Point (only one block) To be revealed October 1st
November- sewing the blocks together adding borders
December - quilting and binding

All of the past patterns can be found in my Etsy and Craftsy stores. This months block and supply list can be found on my website. 

I'm also having a Back To School Sale on tea towels in my Etsy Shop!
20% off! Grab your tea towels now at a great discount and start your holiday projects!

Have a wonderful day!
Happy back to school everyone!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

September's Block

I just can't believe that September is already here! Summer is slipping away... there are tell tale signs that fall is right around the corner. The evenings are getting cooler, days are getting shorter and the leaves are just starting to change on a couple of the trees in my yard. This month, I have only one block for you, a watering can full of summer blooms. Coneflowers to be exact. My coneflowers usually bloom towards end of July and August. They are one of the last flowers to stick around and bloom up until fall. As I've mentioned before, my love of flowers and gardening comes from my grandma Lydia. She had such a green thumb. I just had to include a watering can full of flowers. Grandma had one of those big ol' tin watering cans on the farm.  I usually will pick a huge bouquet of flowers right before the first frost. Gathering summer's last hurrah...I always think of grandma when I come in the house with a huge bouquet of home grown flowers... now,
let me share a couple of sweet pictures from my family's cookbook of my grandma.

Grandma and Grandpa
(Lydia and Stephen)

This is one of my favorite recipes from grandma.
I love a wedge of this with a cup of coffee, it's wonderful for breakfast.
This is total comfort food for me.

Now onto this months design! I have one block for you to complete, next month is the last block for the quilt. I made my coneflowers a combination of pink, blue and purple flowers. 
This month's design will be put on the background white/cream fabric on point.

Find the center of your 12 1/2" square...
I used scraps of fabric leftover from my Dresden plates for the flowers. I had to dig thru my stash of fabric for some grey fabric for the watering can.

I have all my pieces cut out and ready to place on my background fabric.

All ironed in place and ready to be appliqued!

Machine stitching around all of the pieces.
~Watering Can~
I have been working on two versions of this quilt.
An applique one and embroidered one. I can't wait to show them both to you in a couple of months!

Patterns can be found on the Quilt Doodle website and on Craftsy (Not until the 1st of the month). Did you miss a pattern along the way? The past monthly patterns can be found in my Etsy and Craftsy shops for a small fee.
Last month I 'mislabled' August's block so there was some confusion. So August's block will be free the first week of September so that everyone can print up their free copy.
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's watering can full of coneflowers.
My favorite picture of grandma and I, taken in front of her flower garden.
 I hope that you have a wonderful week. I'm gonna go run out to my garden and pick some flowers. I'm also busy canning tomatoes. So much to do, but so grateful my garden did so well this year. Happy September and back to school everyone!

          Let’s have some quilty fun!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ugly Sweater Mug Rugs

It's never too early to work on a little Christmas project. I spent yesterday making some Ugly Christmas Sweater Mug rugs and thought it would be a fun project to share with you! I was able to make five mug rugs yesterday afternoon... I'm thinking I want to make some more to have on hand. They make quick gifts and are adorable paired up with a mug and some chocolate. My Ugly Sweater Mug Rug pattern is available as an instant downloadable PDF or as a packaged pattern. They can be found in my Etsy Store.
 My pattern can also be found in several local quilt shops. If it's not in your local shop, ask for it!
Pin your sweater body right sides together onto your batting. I like to use batting scraps for these types of projects.

Sew a 1/4" seam....

Remember to leave an opening so you can turn it right side out.

Don't forget to clip corners before you turn your sweater shape right sides out.

The super fun part is decorating your sweaters. Trace all your design pieces onto your heat n bond, iron onto the wrong side of the fabric scraps and cut out.

A Christmas Ornament ugly sweater. Isn't it cute and it's not even done yet!

I got one of each design put together. I'm now ready to do my applique stitch.

I used a dark brown thread from Aurifil. I use the same color thread for all of my mug rugs just for ease of getting them all done quickly without changing thread colors. What's great about this step is that you are appliqueing and quilting your mug rugs all at the same time. So easy!

After all my mug rugs are appliqued, it's time to camp out in front of the TV for some hand work. As you can see, I have lots of threads to clip. I've put together a button pack for you thru Just Another Button Company with all the embellishments for the mug rugs. The pack contains enough buttons to do one of each design plus some extras... I added some snowflake buttons too. This slick button kit is also available in my Etsy Store.

Shhhh, this one's my favorite... 

Another super fun thing you can do with these is make a bunch and sting them together to make a garland! I just used some red and white baker's twine and some decorative clothespins.

Hope you're staying cool this August afternoon! I'm off to take new little puppy outside for the ga-zillionth time. My gosh, Belvedere is so darn cute! If you follow me on Instagram you've seen a few pictures, it's been really hard to get much done but snuggle with puppy. 

Happy quilting!